We met 15 years ago by chance. A lot of people ask us how we've managed to stay together so long, and our answer is - hold on really freaking tight, and don't forget to laugh. We are partners in everything we do in life, so it felt natural to go into business together. When we are not working, our blonde little girl and sweet puppy boy keep us on our toes. You can learn more silly facts about us here!

At The Nelson Company, our mission is to serve women who want to create community filled with kindness, inclusion and laughter. Through our thoughtfully designed, comfortable tees and other products, we are hoping to inspire each woman out there to be the best version of themselves, while accepting the work-in-progress they are today. Read more about our graphic tee philosophy!

We sat on the couch one night, utterly exhausted. We shared stories about our day, and realized that we were surrounded by a lot of unhappiness and negativity. Our little corner of the world needed more laughter, more acceptance and love. We decided to partner together to bring our thoughts to you in the form of tees and gift-able items so you can help us spread that message, too. We firmly believe that in order to be the person you are striving for tomorrow, you need to accept, and even love, the person you are today.

Seriously, what would we do without you? You're our inspiration. We want to make the world a better place through our blog, shop, and online community. Please let us know how we are doing and what we can do to serve you best. Send us an email at hello@thenelsonshop.com, or DM us on our social media platforms!