When my husband and I created our e-commerce business in 2018, we had a lot of reasons not to. A business could take time away from our family, it would cost money we didn't have, it could bring extra stress into our lives.

All of these fears brought us to an impasse – we could do it scared and take a step closer to the life we want for our family, or don’t do it and never know what could have been.

We bet on each other and launched, imperfectly, in the midst of the holiday season with only the free information that we found on the Internet to buoy us.

Now, I am showing you how to overcome the same hurdles we did. How do you afford the business of your dreams? Where do you find the time to work on it? How do you grow and scale? What makes you stand out? What even IS your dream?

Most moms believe they have to wait to see their dreams come true. I show my clients that you have the time in your day and possess the skills right now to be a successful entrepreneur.