Why You Should Hire a Coach for Your Business

If you want to start a business online, you can typically use the Internet to find just about anything you need. With only a laptop and a wifi signal at your favorite coffee shop, your business can rule the world, grow exponentially, and reach millions of people.

That’s a lot of power in one little machine!

When I started my first online business, the world of online coaching introduced itself to me.

Actually, it was more of a stampede.

It can be overwhelming with all the noise out there to figure out IF you need a business coach, and what business coach to even choose.

As someone who has been a business owner who started without a coach, to a student of two coaches AND a startup strategist myself, I wanted to give you some tactical tips on why I believe hiring a coach is the best decision you can make.

They offer perspective. A lot of times, we tend to work in our business, not on our business. We are entrepreneurs; famous for getting caught up in the nitty-gritty, and (typically) a team of one. A coach will give you the perspective you can’t always afford yourself – they will set you up with goals and objectives, and most times create a strategy along with you so that you can work ahead, hut your goals more efficiently and burn out way less. One of my favorite things about a business coach is that they can very easily shine a light on what tasks you’re doing that are income producing, and which are not.

They offer community. I always say this about being a #momboss – it’s lonely to be a mom sometimes, and it’s lonely to be a boss sometimes. Put it together, and you’ve got a serious case of the lonelies (yes, I just made that word up). A huge pillar of our brand is community, and that’s why we love on groups of like-minded individuals getting together and doing all the successful things together. A group coaching program can offer that community, and guess what – that community is invaluable! Even if you’ve decided that 1:1 is best for you, that’s still one more person you’ve added to your community, and your coach can give you guidance on where best to find more community in your specific areas of need.

They offer accountability. Just like your gym buddy you don’t want to flake out on, a coach has goals for your time together set up and their expectations of you are high! If you have trouble getting your tasks done all on your own, or staying the course and keeping your focus, then a business coach will know how to set up systems for you to reach those goals – and most of the time, they’ll remind you that they are there through your preferred method of communication!

They offer a safe place. Even though a good coach will push you to your potential, they will also be your sounding board. A good coach can be your safe place where you can say anything about your business, good or bad. You can work out scripts, role play with them, and be the unashamed work in progress you already are. The best coaches see the potential in you, and they understand that we are all growing to be the best version of ourselves.

They offer the best kind of cheerleading. Small victories, big victories – you need to celebrate them all! It’s the business coach who will understand why the small victories are so important to acknowledge, and won’t ask the passive aggressive “so, can you quit your job yet?” questions you might get from family members. Sometimes, you need someone to rally when you are ready to quit – and that my friend, is what a coach does really, really well!

So, business coaches/mentors/strategists are pretty cool, huh? Read on about how to choose the coach that’s right for you!

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