Why Our Morning Routine Makes Us Healthier, Happier and Wealthier

Whenever people ask us when we find time to work on our business, we tell them we wake up early. As sleep is hard enough to come by with a growing baby in the house, most people have a reaction of horror/disbelief when we tell them that we voluntarily get up early so we can work towards our goals. 

You know who else was horrified at first? My business partner - my husband!

We had heard this advice (as I'm sure you have) for many years and always pushed it away. Let me just be clear and say that we believe sleep is so, so important and if you're not getting enough sleep, then you won't be productive. But we believe that we are not productive at night, and we wanted to make this business work. 

Waking up early was the only option for us.

What we really didn't realize was how much this routine would affect other parts of our lives. Actually, it wasn't until one Saturday morning that we decided to sleep in, that we really saw how important our morning routine was to our health, wealth and happiness. 

Waking up earlier makes us healthier because... 

  • we hydrate while we're working - so that's more time in the day to get our ounces in (you're supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day)
  • we can set our intention for the day for eating right - we make sure our lunches & snacks are all packed up and ready to go. 

Waking up earlier makes us happier because…

  • Like our flagship phrase, we "praise up coffee down" and man, it is NICE to drink a hot cup without getting interrupted! We'll even have a few minutes together with the first couple of sips on the couch, telling each other our goals for the day and what we're excited or nervous about.
  •  I use some of the time to set up the baby's meals and snacks for the day, and if we are going somewhere (like swimming lessons, etc) I use some of the time to get all that set up. This helps me feel more organized/less anxious because I'm prepared, and the bonus is I can play with the baby instead of running around like a headless chicken and not paying attention to her. 

Waking up earlier makes us wealthier because...

  • We set up our business to run while we are sleeping or living life. We can work for a couple of hours a day on intentional goals we have set for ourselves, and our dollars per hour have just increased because we didn't spend all day staring at the computer getting the same amount done.
  • There is something about the morning with the whole day out in front of you that makes you feel like all things are possible. In the quiet hours, we can lay out a plan for big projects and focus on the outcomes and the goals we have for them. 

What is your morning routine like? We believe no morning should be without a coffee mug that tells it like it is. Shop our coffee mug collection here!

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