Who We Love: Small Business Saturday

We love getting the chance to celebrate small business on such a large platform like Small Business Saturday, which is just around the corner! If you own a small business or you know someone who does, then you know why it deserves to be celebrated.
This leads me to our tribute to Small Business Saturday, instead of talking about our company, we’d like to show our appreciation for small business by highlighting a few of our all-time favorites. Talent, a true passion for their craft, a strong customer service model – we are obsessed with them for all of it and we want to share their awesomeness with all of you!
We have provided contact information for each of these businesses below, please do remember to shop small this Small Business Saturday. It’s a good feeling to know exactly where your hard-earned money is going and to get a customized product or service in return!
Berkins Blend Cafe: This local coffee shop has a hazelnut latte that will just be the death of my newest diet. The atmosphere at this shop has a comfy feel, but is also set up for you to do some serious work, reading, or chatting with a small group of friends. I think my butt has been in every chair in this little place. I guarantee you'll be really happy with the atmosphere, and the customer service really stands out because they are always smiling and chatting with you while they make their delish drinks, a huge plus for me to have a positive interaction while I'm getting in work mode. 
J. Grundman Photography: It's no secret we love our friend & chosen family member Jeremy, he has done most of the images on this blog and social media for us! Choosing a photographer is super personal, but you also want to know you're working with a professional person who can understand your vision. It's rare to find, at least we have felt that way, so when Jeremy involved us so deeply in the process of each set of images, we really felt like we were partners and that he respected our needs & wants, while adhering to his creative process as well.
Lisa Maree Designs: I'm pretty sure that when the word 'hustle' started becoming popular to describe small business owners, Lisa was the source of inspiration. Her line of handmade bags & accessories are made with so much love and effort! She has a hand in every single design and makes them all herself, in her Connecticut studio. Her designs are super fashion-forward, you can find something for every woman and if you're anything like me, about 10 things to buy for yourself! What I love about Lisa is that her designs are made with a woman and a mom in mind - her bags are made so purposefully and her accessories have so much love and thought in them, which only makes them that much more awesome. Check her out on social media and tell me you're not in love with her designs and her personality! 
What's the small business you're supporting this holiday season? Shout them out in the comments!

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  • Jeremy on

    Thank you guys!! I’m honored to be featured by you and to have been able to help kickstart your awesome small business! Great job and also looking forward to seeing your business flourish!

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