The Husband & Wife Team Behind The Brand

As the founders of The Nelson Company, we wanted to shed a little light on who we are and a couple of fun facts about us!

We are Allison & Scott Nelson, a couple of displaced New Yorkers trying to make sense of New England’s ways (for example, why do you people obsess over maple syrup so much?!) enjoy our precious life with our little daughter… and keep that coffee obsession strong!

We met at a bar. A lot of people who know us well know this story, but we met while we were both in college at a very sleazy dance club (that no longer exists). We started dancing together on the dance floor, but being all of nineteen years old, Allison was not exactly wanting any more than a dance. Scott went looking, found the tall brown haired girl with the very low cut red shirt, and asked for her number. The rest is pretty much history!

Scott is a new coffee drinker. Yup, the man did not like coffee up until a couple of years ago. The horror.  If you had told him five years ago that he’d be running a business involving drinking coffee, he would laugh in your face. Thankfully, he has crossed over to our side.

Our first born child is a dog. We rescued Stanley, our little dachshund, when he was a year and a half old. He has become a huge part of our lives and he serves as inspiration for some of the work we do. We consider him our first born child, and we are totally those people that try to bring him everywhere. Next time you see us, take a closer look at my tote, Scott’s sweatshirt pocket, or our daughter’s stroller, there’s a 93% chance he’s hiding in there somewhere.


There will be a lot more to come, you guys will learn way more about us than you probably will ever want to if you stick around!

If you know us personally, share a funny story in the comments - we'd love to take a blast through the past (and keep it clean folks, we're parents now)!

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