What's Your Forgiveness Style? Take the Quiz!

Forgiveness – a topic so wildly difficult that there have been songs, books and quotes written about it. How do you forgive someone (a friend, a family member, a co-worker) for a wrong they committed?

I think there are times where we are afraid to forgive because it may seem weak, or we may be exposing a part of ourselves that we don’t want to get wounded again.

On the other hand, who really has the time or the inclination to hold on to anger, resentment, and stress from the anger and resentment? It’s hard to know what’s on the other side if we don’t take the leap.

As I researched this topic, I came to find out that there’s very little out there in the way of forgiveness. I did read a very interesting scientific social study about it and I found out that there are three different types of forgiveness – direct, indirect, and conditional.

In an effort to share my takeaways and make things a little fun around here, I decided to create a quiz for you to find out what your forgiveness style is! My hope is that you can start to apply the results to your own brand of forgiveness, and maybe even learn a thing or two about yourself.

Also, I’m giving away some social media images of my very favorite quotes around forgiveness. They are great conversation starters for your groups online, or even on your personal social media platforms to inspire your friends, family or audience!

I would love to hear what your forgiveness style is. Share with me in the comments! (P.S. I’m a direct forgiver!).

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