Unique Mother's Day Gift Guide

Since we just love moms around here, we wanted to put together a gift guide full of unique Mother’s Day gifts and ideas. I hope this inspires you for the women you want to celebrate this Mother’s Day. Share it with your hubby or the men in your life also if you’re seeing something special – we won’t tell!

Don’t worry, this gift guide does not have the usual bath bombs or spa gift certificate on it (although it would make a lovely addition to some of the ideas below!). We wanted to put together a unique Mother’s Day gift guide for you that would actually surprise the moms in your life!

best gifts for mother's day

1. Magazine Subscription: Give the gift that keeps on giving – for a year at least! This is the way to make your unique Mother’s Day gift have staying power. An issue of her favorite magazine that she won’t buy for herself will be a nice change from the bills and junk mail that crowds up the mailbox. Get her one you know she’ll love – my favorites right now are Real Simple, HGTV Magazine, and People Magazine.

2. Blessed Mama Tank / This Is My Mama Heart Tee Mommy & Me set: We love moms over here at The Nelson Shop, and we collaborated with a very talented artist to bring you these messages on our super comfy tees, drinkware and (new category!) tanks. Get them in different colors for all your mom friends or the women in your family. Our tees are the softest we’ve ever owned; it’s like getting a hug all day long. And did we mention that there's mommy and me coordinating shirts available this year?!

3. One for Women Gift Sets: This gift box company has a mission to empower women with kindness, and their wide selection of gift sets and marketplace items from women-owned small business is bound to please the mom you have in mind! They range from so many different items and now come in different sizes as well. I love this idea for a unique mother’s day gift that I can send to someone who lives far away or who I want to surprise.

4. Books: From one woman to another, I am always recommending books and wanting to get people in my life a book that reminds me of them! I think books are such a great gift and you can literally find something to please anyone, whether they are a reader or a skimmer. These are my favorites right now to give and receive.

5. Wireless Ear Buds: If you want to splurge a little bit, these are the coolest earplugs for the on-the-go mom! Imagine no more un-tangling and fighting with plugs and wires just to listen to a podcast or make a quick phone call. These are comfortable and so versatile – they work with all your Apple products.

mom throwing baby in the air

What’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day? Give us some unique ideas to add to our list!

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