Top Five Tips for a Successful Summer as a Mompreneur

The kids are home, it’s hot outside, the activities you do throughout the year are not in session, babysitters and nannies have abandoned you. Welcome to summertime as a mom and an entrepreneur – the latest and greatest balancing act is officially upon us.

I have found that moms and entrepreneurs have a lot in common, and the skill sets to be good at both seem to cross over more and more as I get deeper into my journey down both paths. Summertime, though? That can put a damper in any business if you aren’t intentional.

I am a huge believer in preparing ahead of time, so I think now is the perfect opportunity to make a plan for the next couple of months and all its’ out-of-routine ways.

Here are five of my favorite tips for a successful summer as a mompreneur - and enjoy it, too!

Start your day right. I have preached about a morning routine before, but there is seriously nothing like getting your ducks in a row before the kids are ready to start their day. Especially when you can forsee not having a moment to yourself until the kids are in bed, it’s really important to set your day up so you can be successful as a mompreneur each summer day.

Goal setting “lite”. I’m a firm believer in making achievable, responsible goals and if you know that you’ll have less time to work on your business in the summer, then make sure your goals reflect that too. There is nothing worse than setting ourselves up to fail. Pick 2-3 things to accomplish for the summer, and create action steps to get there. I recommend taking each action step and blocking it into your calendar, because that takes away the thinking entirely – you just do! Read more here about my goal setting strategy and why I love it so much!

Have an arsenal of activities. However you go about finding activities for you and your kids to do at home or out, I would block in some time to do some real searching about what’s out there now. That way, you can create a schedule with some fun things to look forward to so that the lazy days are actually relaxing. If you are comfortable spending money on any of these activities, do that now so that you are locked in and you can plan work around those activities. As a mom to a toddler, I have activities prepared for each day at home, ideas of what outings we could do on sunny days, and a few “rainy day” activities we could do as well.

Reach out to your village. Who can join your team over the summer? Whether it’s a stand-in babysitter or someone to take a piece of your business over, make a list of who and what you can call on to help out. Personally, I will be setting up grandparent visits for the same days my daughter goes to school so I know those are free times for me, and I’ll be ramping up the automated features in my social media management tools.

Be present wherever you are. Summer is so fleeting, my hope is that you can make the most of what you’re doing when you’re doing it.  When you’re with your kids, enjoy them – they won’t be this age, for better or worse, for much longer. When your kids are occupied with the activity/grandparent/camp you set them up with, focus on how good it feels to get things done in your business – and then shut it down when the kids come home.

My wish for you this summer is that above anything else, you give yourself grace. Give yourself grace when things don’t go the way you planned, or when you have days that nothing at work gets accomplished the way you’d like. Summer is one of the fastest seasons; don’t let it go by without making some amazing memories with your family, while still moving the needle in your business.

What have you done in the summer that works for you to balance mommin’ and workin’?

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