Three Ways to Have a Better Day

Today, I had a bad day. Things just happened – I lost an expensive cashmere glove (is there anything more irritating than having ONE glove?), my brand new coffee fell off the roof of my car. I slipped and fell down the stairs, I burned myself on a hot pan, and my daughter had a ten minute meltdown about how I held the wipe container open for her to grab a wipe (spoiler alert, she wanted to hold it).

Now, these all seem like small things, and perspective is everything here. Nobody got seriously hurt, nothing happened that can’t be replaced (although it was hard enough for me to fork over the money for those gloves so that’s probably not happening again until next winter) and honestly, I wasn’t even shocked when I burned myself on that pan. It’s like a weekly thing.

But you know what it’s like when everywhere you turn, there’s chaos. Everything you try to touch, you break. So all of these little things happening in the span of just an hour or so can seem overwhelming and strings up nicely into a terrible mood.

I know once you’re angry, you want to be angry. You want to hold on to that feeling because you think it means something if you don’t. It feels good, kind of. The problem with holding on to that anger though, is that it rears its’ ugly head when you least expect it. The problem with holding on is that it comes with you and repeats your cycle of having a bad day.

I wanted to share my best tips for how I turned my day around on that bad day, and I use these tips when even worse things happen, too. They are buildable tips that may not work for everyone, but sharing is caring and at the end of the day, staying angry doesn’t serve you, your family, or your community. So let’s work it out!

Dance it out. I can’t help but be real about this tip – dancing really helps my mood and because I have my daughter around, I especially have to make it fun. I lose the heat of my anger, and she has a great time at our dance party (we even get all gussied up for it with Mardi Gras beads and flouncy skirts!). I dare you to try it and not have fun. I even have a special playlist for this very mood, and I’m sharing it with you!

Make someone else’s day. The social media black hole seems like the best place to jump into when I’m feeling badly about myself. Comparing myself to others’ perfect highlight reel does not, in fact, help at ALL with my bad mood and the way I see it, there’s got to be at least one other person out there that feels this way too. Instead of drowning myself in other people’s perfect meals, huge flower arrangements from their significant others “for no reason!” and perfect report cards from their kids, I personally use my phone instead to reach out to a couple of friends to say hi. I let them know I’m thinking about them, and I hope they are having a good day. Imagine how good it would make you feel to get a text like that. I promise you, that’s how you’re going to feel when you bend unexpectedly (yes, I wrote some of this post while watching Beauty and the Beast).

Take it out on a project.  There are some things that can only be accomplished when you’re feeling frustrated and annoyed – and in my world, re-organizing a closet or getting a big project done on the house is that very thing! Yours could be chopping wood, scrubbing the floors or throwing away a bunch of trash. Whatever it is, I have found that getting a physical project done can work miracles on cutting down those heated feelings. There is something about accomplishing something in a physical way that really burns the heat off that anger. Your basement, linen closet and garage will thank you!

P.S., here's a sneak peek into my weird taste in dance music and what my daughter and I rock out to on a daily basis. What’s your favorite thing to do to change your mood?

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