The Story Behind: The Love Collection

If you know me personally, then you are most likely aware of one of the most annoying things about me: I love Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, it is like my Christmas and Easter. I start decorating immediately on January 1st, and I am in can’t-stop-won’t-stop mode until the clock strikes midnight and it's 2/15.

I love to celebrate my husband and my girl of course, but I also celebrate my closest friends and people I see on the regular. I have sent cards in the mail to my girlfriends near and far, brought donuts to work to mark the occasion, and I have toyed with having a girl’s night in but I am pretty sure nobody is as crazy as me and it would be a party of one.

Since I make such a big deal out of it at home, I thought I’d love to work it into our shop in the most non-schmaltzy way possible. Here's a little insight to our new items!

New product alert! We are offering a large canvas tote for ALL.THE.THINGS. You may have Konmari-ed (it's a word now, yes) your house this month, but I know you carry around a buttload of stuff every day anyway. It’s perfect to schlep your work shoes, gym stuff, lunch, snacks and water bottles around, or if you have a toddler… ‘nuff said.

The “Heart Home” design was inspired by one of our favorite songs, “You’re My Home” by Billy Joel. I always told my husband that he’s my home, and wherever he goes, I’d go because I always want to be near home. Here’s another way to keep home close to your heart!

New product alert! We now have BABY AND TODDLER CLOTHES! As parents who didn’t find out the gender of our child until the doctor spread those little newborn legs, we know how valuable it is to have designs for babies that are gender neutral. If you have multiple children of different genders, we hope our toddler products will be used by each of your children until they grow too big!

We hope you can find your own inspiring story of love through these designs and that you decide to help us spread the love in the air this season!

P.S. If you're interested about the delish, heart-shaped food we make for the holiday or how I build a fun little basket for my daughter, I put it all together for you so that you don't have to get swallowed up by Pinterest. I hope you can put it to use and have a little fun with this holiday!

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