The Goal Setting Strategy That Rocked My World

We talk about setting goals a LOT during this time of year. If you’re anything like me, you are caught up in the holiday fervor, just trying to hang on in business and life until the next year comes and things get quiet again.

Every year, I find it super hard to pause during this season of crazy and try to vision board the next year, or even to sit quietly and try to envision my goals, my dreams, and my plans for how to make those a reality.

It seems like a ton of pressure to put on myself, which doesn’t make it a task I’m going to put all my heart & soul into. Do you feel that way too? Think about the domino effect it has on us as people and business owners!

If this speaks to you at all, then you are going to LOVE what I have to share, which I first learned about from motivational speaker + author Rachel Hollis. I’ve consumed some of her content as she sneaks excerpts from her next book about goal setting, and I want to share with you the three amazing things I’ve learned and already grown from tremendously.

After some trial and error, I have found a rhythm that works for my life as a dedicated wife, mom, friend and business owner, and I’m breaking it down in three simple steps for you!

If any of this speaks to you, I’d love for you to share with a fellow friend or community that you know would benefit. We could all use some shaking up when it comes to goal setting!


I used to think that gratitude practice didn’t mean anything if it wasn’t geared towards BIG things. It wasn’t until I realized that if I let myself get down about small things (like the dog pooping on the carpet), then I could certainly lift myself up by small things too, like the mail delivery including something that was fun, aka not a bill.

I looked for gratitude because I got my brain tuned in to look for gratitude as soon as it was awake. I found myself doing things or putting myself in situations so that I can call it gratitude. And that, my friends, makes the world a better place, outside of your front door.

Once I let myself be grateful for little things, I became obsessed with what I could find throughout the day to be grateful for. I write them down, this way I could go back to them if I need to or I’m having a low season.


This was the hardest one for me. I have heard many times to write your dreams down, as though they have already happened. Why? Well, it turns out that acting like our dreams have already come true, our brains to believe that this has actually happened. Since a lot of obstacles in our lives are mind over matter, this leads to us goal setting appropriately since our mind has been set on it absolutely happening.  

The catch is – it only works if you dream BIG.

Yes, it’s scary to dream big. But guess what – you’re allowed to dream big. You’re allowed to want big, amazing things for your life and this is a surefire way to put you in the mindset for them to happen.

I set goals this way for my life as a wife and a mama, for my growing business, and for the seeds inside of me that are begging for water to grow.  


When I first started doing this practice, I would wait until the house was quiet at night, the dishwasher was humming along and the laundry room was in some kind of order. In my pajamas, sometimes with wine, I would sit with my notebook and try to dream.

Pause. Hold up. My brain was NOT in the right mindset to dream big and set goals. My brain was thinking about the laundry, what we’d eat for lunch the next day, when I’d get in a manicure or a workout. And why did the dog poop on the carpet?

I switched to taking a few minutes out of my morning routine for this practice, and let me tell you, that changed everything.

It set the intention for the day in the best way, because when I was with my daughter I was all in – I already set the goal that I am an amazing mom. When I was working, I was all in – I have already set the goal that I am a full-time blogger making six figures.


What tip are you most excited to try? What’s your goal setting practice like? Tell me in the comments!

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