The Business Tool We Could Not Live Without

Starting your own business can be super overwhelming, to say the least, and I hope we are able to help keep you organized by sharing our experiences through this series.
Today, I wanted to share with you one of our most favorite business tools. It’s surprising that we use this every day, multiple times a day to keep our business fresh and new with ideas, colors, designs, and valuable content for all of you!
Are you on Pinterest? Do you sometimes wish you could find that pin about a really interesting looking dinner recipe, article to help your business, or oil diffuser recipe? While I think the idea behind Pinterest genius, there are times I wish it wasn't so difficult to find something after you've pinned it.
Yet, I pin. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by Pinterest, but they still pin. 
That’s the beauty of this new tool that Pinterest rolled out, their Sections feature. The truth is, we are ALL on Pinterest – potential clients, potential business partners, experts in their own fields, designers, etc. – so the fact that the company made a tool that actually helps us learn from the pins we keep is so exciting!
Pinterest, I believe in your magic all over again.
You can set this up on any or all of your boards, and they can be existing boards or you can start fresh! Not only does this organize your boards, but it cuts down on the amount of boards you may have on your Pinterest account.
I'm paraphrasing here, but mo' boards, mo' problems. 
Here is an example of my Food To Make board. All of the sections used to have to be their own board or I would get lost and just never utilize my pins. You can get creative with your sections, if you happen to have a lot of soup recipes or want to keep all your brownie recipes together, then this is the tool for you. Heck, you can do a different section for every meal, food group, a whole section on just cookie recipes or Thanksgiving side dishes –the possibilities are endless, which I believe should be Pinterest’s tagline, just saying.
As a business owner, I love that I can have ONE BOARD for all my pins that will help inspire me, move my business forward, or share with others what my inspiration is for a photo shoot or a new design.
Here is how we've used Pinterest to learn how to build our business!
Broke it down. Each section can be a part of your business that you want to learn about, or that you need to work on, or something you want to save. We do a lot of inspiration around here, so having one section just for quotes/sayings that will inspire our readers has been amazing!
Ferreted out the crap. Did you ever pin something on Pinterest, only to go back to it later and realize it's spam? Sections make it SO much easier to only keep the good pins. Even the ones that aren't as helpful as they seemed to be. You can protect your boards and really only go after the good stuff!
We get stuff done faster. There is no secret that Sections make it so much more organized, we can find what we are looking for right away and it isn't a whole long process that might just end in quitting. As a business owner, you know time is so so valuable!
Communicate with our team. We can communicate with each other by saving something in a particular section (since you can name them anything you want) and you can add people to see a section of your boards also! We have our photographer added to a specific section so he knows what we're looking to have for our own photos, for example.
Do you use Pinterest sections? How will this help keep your life a lot more organized?

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