The Best Books For Teaching Kids Entrepreneurial Skills

We love to make reading fun as much as possible in our house, and thankfully our daughter is all too happy to read a book with us, or even sit on her own now and look at the pages herself.

The one thing I didn’t really expect when I started getting books for her, was that some of these stories would have really inspiring characters and messages. As an entrepreneur, I’m so excited to read children's stories about failure, what success really looks like, and never being afraid to be different.

Here are some of our favorite books for teaching kids entrepreneurial skills!

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Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty: Rosie Revere is a little girl who has a dream that she keeps all to herself. Thankfully her great-great aunt, a character based on Rosie the Riveter, helps her on her latest project, which may have been her last, if someone hadn't intervened. Rosie (and the readers!) learn about not quitting, what it really means to fail and how to fail forward, and doing what you love despite the criticism or lack of understanding from others. P.S., for older kids there's a project book to get started on some ideas of your own!

What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada: The author takes us through all the phases of having an idea and knowing whether it’s something to pursue or not. Have you ever had an idea that you didn’t know what to do with? I thought this was a really simple way to break down the bravery it takes to pay attention to an idea you might have that’s different – and how wonderful it can be to lean into it.

When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic: Known to all of us as “Weird Al,” the first-time children’s book author takes us through a very colorful and imaginative tale. Told by a little boy during show-and-tell time, his ideas and dreams seem a little odd to the people around him (remind you of anyone?!) until he teaches them all (even the teacher) a very valuable lesson about big dreams and never really growing up.

I Want to be an Astronaut by Kane Miller (Usborne Books & More): A book that opens up children and toddlers to all different kinds of cool professions, we really love reading this to our daughter to show her all the different things you can be and how much fun you can have as an adult. I love being able to turn a profession on its’ head and showing off the fun and exciting parts of each job.

Lily Wool by Paula Vasquez: Lily is a sheep who is not at all like her herd. She was born to be different, and her herd doesn’t understand the things she imagines or does. It was exciting to read this and find out if Lily was able to help the rest of her sheep family understand that it’s okay to dream and to play and have fun – life is so much sweeter that way!

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson: It was only on the six hundredth time of reading this book to my daughter that I realized how much little Harold has to teach readers about making things happen. He uses a purple crayon to go for a walk, have a picnic, create a forest and find his way home – a good balance of imagination and ambition to get the things you want.

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These are our favorite books to read to our daughter because they have so many great lessons about failure, creativity, what success really looks like, and ambition to make your dreams come true.

What books have you read to your children lately that have a strong message around teaching kids entrepreneurial skills?

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