The 3 Steps to Bringing in More Leads for Your Business

Guest Expert Post by Rebecca Dowden, the Brand Maven.

Rebecca is the Brand Maven. She is a strategic brand planner and designer who works with entrepreneurs, content creators, and community builders to create brands that help grow businesses with purpose. Rebecca leverages her 5+ years of design experience, along with a degree in business marketing, to create brand strategies that are built to last.

In this guest post, Rebecca will explain the process for bringing in more leads for your business. This foundation will ultimately help you find the right clients and make your business stand out online.

Have you ever gone down the Google rabbit hole? You search for marketing strategy, try to figure out how to get more leads, and every article brings you further and further away from the answer. With so many different options and strategies, how can you know what’s right for you and your business?

Whether you’re just starting out with your business or already in the thick of things, marketing strategy will get you nowhere if you haven’t taken the time to create your brand.

Your brand is the core of your business and the core of any marketing strategy. With a great brand, any strategy can work for you. Without a great brand, you’re going to have a harder time gaining traction.

The secret to great marketing has nothing to do with the strategy, and everything to do with your brand.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to create that core brand that will enhance your marketing, and ultimately bring more leads into your business.

 1. Determine how your customer feels.

 I’m going to say something that you’re not going to want to hear.

Your brand is not about you.

I know, I know. We all REALLY want it to be about us. But the core of your brand is about how you make your customer feel. To create a brand that brings in leads, you need to start by identifying how your audience wants to feel. Usually, they currently feel the opposite of this.

Once you figure out how your customers feel, your messaging will be so much easier to create. Your brand will essentially act as a lead magnet. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How does your customer feel without you?
Without your service or product, what does your customer feel? Is she anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed?


In other words, what pain point are you taking away from your customer?

Your business exists because you are providing a solution to your customer’s problem. What’s the problem you are solving? How does your product or service benefit them and take away their pain point?

  •  How does your product/service make your customer feel?


If your customer is currently stressed out because they can’t manage their busy schedule, they probably want to feel in control and relaxed.

When your customer signs up for your program, how do they feel afterwards? Do they feel less stressed? More in control of their lives?

Your brand helps your customers feel what they want to feel.

 2. Develop messaging with your brand as the foundation.

Messaging is how you communicate your brand to your audience. It’s the lifeblood of any business. It lets you spread awareness, build trust, and bring in leads.

A lot of entrepreneurs skip straight to sharing messages without understanding their brand. They create and share content without taking a moment to reflect on what makes their brand unique, which means they’re not maximizing their lead generation.

Your brand is your starting point.

Once you figure out how your customers want to feel--the core of your brand-- you have the base for your messaging.

If you take the ideal of being stressed verses being in control, for example, you can create your message around that transformation. A post may start by speaking directly to someone who is currently feeling stressed, then transition to speaking about the offer and how it can transform her to feel more in control.

By starting with your brand, you’re writing directly to your ideal customers and developing messages that resonate with them. From social media to TV ads, no matter how you communicate with your audience, the same method applies.

 3. Include a Call to Action in Every Message.

Without a call to action (CTA), you’re throwing messages out into the void and hoping something eventually sticks. Most of the time, customers won’t act unless prompted to act. Your call to action is essential because it is guiding your customers to the next step--becoming a lead for your business and bringing them closer to purchase.

Your calls to action must, must, MUST be clear and consistent. When I say include a call to action in every message, I mean every message.

Some sample call to actions include:

  • Message me for more details.
  • Sign up for our free download here.
  • Interested in getting weekly updates? Sign up for our newsletter here.
  • Comment below!

BONUS TIP: How to Feel Confident Selling Your Offers

If you feel weird about “pushing” your offers to your audience, then you need to reframe your mindset. CTAs are not about being pushy or salesy; they’re about being clear and helpful. If you write a post about how your genius organization process can relieve someone’s stressed schedule, but then never share HOW they can access or purchase that process, you’re doing your audience a disservice.

Be sure to stick to that original brand feeling that you want to create, and you’ll never feel pushy about bringing in leads again. Because at the end of the day, if you have the solution to someone’s problem, all you need to do is communicate that solution and how you share it, and the leads will flood in.

Your turn! Take 15 Minutes to Create Your Brand

Before you start planning your next Instagram post or filling out your editorial calendar, open a word document, copy these questions, and answer EVERY question: 

  • How does my customer currently feel?
  • How does my offer fix that pain point? What solution am I providing?
  • How will my offer make my customer feel?

No matter how many articles you read about marketing strategy, none of them will work if you don’t have a clear understanding of your brand. Maximize your leads by following the steps outlined in this post.

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebecca.brandmaven or on her website at

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