Spotlight: A Heart-Centered Coaching Business

At The Nelson Company, we like to love on people, big time. That’s why we are so excited to bring you interviews from other entrepreneurs that share a similar mission and strive to make the world a better place. Here is the first - we hope you enjoy it!

 I am so excited to kick this series off with an amazing woman, business owner, mom, wife and friend. Samary Polnett owns Path 2 Purpose, a coaching business she created after seeing a need for real problem solving and planning with her client base.

When I met with Samary for the first time, her paper planner was the first thing I saw. This woman lives and breathes her brand, and makes a plan for everything she wants to happen. What I really love about her journey, is that even though that paper planner is filled up and is one of her lifelines, she balances it with reality, allowing life to happen for her, not to her.

Samary has four little boys, but I would argue that her first child is a little girl called Beauty Is You, Inc., a non-profit she started way before she thought about coaching. This is a heart-centered woman we have here, guys! Read on to hear more!

Tell us how you got started, what was your path to owning your own business?

I have always had that entrepreneurial heart. In the past, I have dabbled in several different business opportunities. This year, I decided to fully launch my coaching business! I am a psychotherapist by trade, but always wanted to give more to my clients; coaching allows be to do that.  I have flexibility and also am able to share more about my personal life, my struggles, and my journey with my clients (all in hopes of inspiring and motivating them to go after what they want in life!)

Who were your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporter has always been my husband (he has made and continues to make the ultimate sacrifice for our family and for our dreams), my mom, and some of my close friends have also been super supportive of all of my ideas, plans, businesses (LOL).  Not everyone will support you, BUT that’s totally okay. There are people that do, and they will be enough!

There is a blog post you wrote recently about how you describe yourself. I think a lot of women have trouble with that! Tell us how you came to the way you describe yourself, what you say first and when you start to fit all the pieces that make up your life together.

I think the biggest thing about being able to describe yourself is being honest with who you are, not only to yourself, but also the world. Most of us have a difficult time “bearing” it all and being vulnerable.  I realized that more and more after I had my oldest son. It was a challenge; I kind of lost myself and my identity for some time. As the years went by, I really worked on myself, and getting to know me, who I really was before, who I am now, and what made me happy! In order to get there, you have to know yourself, and really strip all the layers that you, your family, your friends, society has made you put on + Be Free!

You have children, a husband, a business and a non-profit, and maybe there are some hobbies or time for sleep in there, too! What's your number one time management tip to stay sane?

I wouldn’t say I have the best time management tip, per se, what I do have is desire, will, want, and that drive pushes me to make it to everything that I need to make it. It’s alignment, and knowing that regardless of how hectic my life is and all the variables that are thrown my way, my eye on the prize remains fixed. Other things that are helpful (sometimes!) are a paper calendar (I am not a big fan of relying solely on online technology), I do use my phone calendar to jot down all the boys appointments + school musts, but business/ nonprofit, client related tasks all go in my paper planner.  I have started using Trello (to help with management and delegating tasks to team members/ assistants etc) and I do enjoy Google Drive to keep my documents saved.  

Tell us about your non-profit, Beauty Is You, INC. How did you come to begin it, and who benefits from it?

My nonprofit is my 5th baby! I started it five years ago as a project. At the time I was working as a counselor in a middle school, and working with the girls really opened my eyes to see a huge need for more community role models to connect with our youth.  I wanted, I still want, to bridge that relationship and connect our youth to our own communities. As far as our target audience, our ideal audience is girls ages 10 and all the way up to women of ALL ages. Our school programs are geared towards middle schools and high school girls, while our community programs combines everyone of ALL ages! It’s truly a beautiful and powerful thing to see everyone interact and find similarities with one another.  

Some of our programs we do throughout the year are include a school series called Empowering Me, and events called GirlFest and Celebration of Self-Love.

What is the biggest struggle you see among your clients recently?

In coaching, actually in mostly all of my work, there is a struggle with people not believing in themselves, in their abilities to do what they desire, not having enough confidence in what they also can bring to the table.

If you could tell women just one thing and they had to believe it, what would it be?

NEVER GIVE UP! Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on your goals, don’t give up on your life!


Follow Path 2 Purpose and Beauty Is You, Inc. on social media to keep up with her exciting business + non-profit as they grow! 

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