How to Set Up Your Self Care So It Fills Your Cup

I see a lot on the subject of self-care come across my Facebook news feed lately. I personally LOVE that we are talking about it so much! I decided that it was time to throw away guilt and dip my toe in to the self-care pool.

Just so you know – the water feels magical.  

I have tried all the self-care suggestions out there, and while I do love a good massage, for example, I needed something a little more accessible, practical and stimulating.

In case you feel like that too, I’m sharing my trial and error process along with my favorite self-care tip that fills my cup.

Disclaimer: I want everyone to know and remember reading this, that I truly believe self-care should be practiced in every single phase of life. When I was in college and living on my own was probably the perfect time to really get those habits into place.

If that’s where your life is, or if you’re in a completely different place, I’m just thrilled you’re here so that I can help throw a little inspiration your way.

First things first - take guilt you may have (but the dishes! but the laundry! but the privilege of being able to do something nice for myself while there are kids in third world countries starving!), acknowledge it, and put it down.

After trying suggestion upon suggestion (you can find them with a simple Google search), I finally landed on one of my favorite things to do that truly fills my cup, doesn’t cost me a ton and feels exciting every time. The ironic thing is, it is something I have loved to do most of my life.

In fact, that’s what I would suggest to you if you’re struggling, like I was. Try all the things, give them some time to see if it’s really working for you.

Look back to when you were happiest – what were you doing regularly? Who were you surrounding yourself with? If you have to look at pictures to get a mental image, do that.

Check in with yourself and be honest – just because a bubble bath with wine and music works for three of your friends, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you (spoiler alert, it didn’t work for me).

And that's totally okay. It may be right in front of you, it may be super simple to figure out. Take your time, and keep your eyes open.

Doing all these things was how I stumbled upon my bookshelf, whose doors have been barricaded by a huge bin of stuffed animals for the past couple of years.

I have loved books since childhood, I own way too many and I have so many fun memories of going to amazing bookstores and libraries everywhere I've traveled. Barnes & Noble is where my heart would lead me if it had legs.

Reading has become a family affair, I have instilled that same love in my toddler and even my non-reader husband is always in the middle of an audiobook. Could reading be something I pick up again to give me that same feeling of peace it always did before?

It’s no secret that reading a book is one of the best ways to turn on the escape factor, but I also love that it allows me to travel without leaving home. It gives me something else to think about, and helps me work out things going on in my own life through someone else’s story. It makes me feel like I can go to “school,” and I can learn as much about a topic as I want.  

Since I’m so passionate about reading, I wanted to share my five favorite books I read in 2018. If you want to up your reading game, or you think it might work for you as a form of self care, you'll want this resource to get you started.

What has been your favorite form of self-care? What have you tried that hasn’t worked?

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  • Jess on

    LOVE reading and just got back into it on this maternity leave. At the happiest and most peaceful time in my life, I was reading, watching movies, and taking my dog for long walks almost every day.

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