How To Buy The Perfect Gift

Did you ever get a gift, and think to yourself, “What the heck were they trying to tell me with THIS gift?” or better yet, have you ever thought to yourself, “They don’t know me at all!” when you open a very generic, perfectly nice present that was meant to be from a good friend?

The truth is, we don’t need extra crap in our house (can I get an Amen?!), and some of us need a gifting strategy that makes us feel good about what we’re giving, but doesn’t break the bank or take months to source.

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Our mission at The Nelson Co. is to give you some real, tangible tips for creating community and spreading kindness, love, inclusion and laughter. We also LOVE giving gifts (a LOT) and today, we’re going to hone in on the gifting experience!

Make it useful. Nothing makes me happier than when I see someone USING the gift I gave them, whether it’s burning a candle, displaying a frame or wearing a shirt. Think about the person you are gifting and make sure what you give them is something they’ll appreciate so much, they’ll use it over their other candles, frames and shirts.

Surprise! Even if people say they don’t like a surprise, they do like it when someone gives them a gift they were not expecting to be so perfect for them. You can surprise someone by giving a super silly gift that makes them laugh (laughter is always, always appreciated!). Or you can surprise someone by giving a touching gift that they didn’t expect, but you somehow felt they needed or deserved.

Keep it quality. Unless this is purely a gag gift, let’s source some quality items here (which doesn’t always have to mean expensive!). Gifts can be inexpensive without being cheap, and you can walk that fine line by keeping an eye on the durability and feel of the gift you picked.

Add a magic touch. I always like to give something that is unique and different – sometimes that comes in the form of grouping a couple of things together to make a small package. The usefulness of your gift will take on a whole new meaning when you pair a mug with some coffee or a tea steeper, or a stack of bracelets with the perfect earrings to match.

Make sure it has a message. If there is a message you are trying to relay, the gift can do that for you – no sappy cards needed! I always love to gift my friends with things that remind me of them immediately, and then I tell them why in the card or when I give it to them. It makes it so much more meaningful when you show your friend why the gift reminded you of them.

Keep in mind that your receiver is getting a message from you when they get a gift. Give them the message they need at the moment – whether it’s to laugh, to be inspired, or to be taken care of. At the Nelson Co. shop, we have items for every woman – shop our collections here for your gifting needs!

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