How I Create More Abundance in Life: A Productivity Story

Hey – did you know that life is not a hamster wheel? As time slowed down when I decided to stay home with my daughter, I realized something: I wasn’t really happy with how I spent most of my time, which led to stress, anxiety, bad habits and even a mild depression. Which is great for relationships and business aspirations, said no one ever.

I knew there had to be a better way than chasing my tail with feeling like all I did was laundry, dishes, and picking up the playroom (because those things will never end!). I knew I COULD build a business around a toddler and not lose sight of sleep, my marriage, keeping my house in working order, and even making room to grow and create community.

I thrive on organization and systems that make sense, so when timeblocking came across my Pinterest feed one day, I decided to look into it, and I’ve never gone back. Actually, I’ll argue that it’s created abundance in my busiest season of life so far!

Timeblocking is a scheduling system from the Gods. Well, close. It’s a scheduling system that allows you to schedule things in the time you have to do them. Basically, it’s giving each task on your to-do list a time & place to get done, right on your calendar.

It’s been so helpful to use this system for scheduling life. What I love most of all is that it’s completely flexible to every kind of need. If you are just needing to know when your white space is or schedule things without double booking, all the way down to scheduling specific projects, to just making sure the poop doesn’t hit the fan when you’re trying to have a life, this system will. work. magic!

I have used time blocking for a few months now, and I have learned a LOT about myself. I know when I’m likely to fall down the social media black hole, how long certain tasks take, what to prioritize in business and life, and no more double booking nonsense of the past!

And it will happen for you too, because staying organized is the ultimate way to become less stressed and more productive.

If I haven’t given you enough reasons already, here’s a little more about timeblocking and why it’s kind of amazing!

Here’s the deal. I’ve listed out my process for how I time block and keep productive in this free guide and workbook. I’m a visual learner, so I’ve also created a graphic showing you my exact time blocking strategy and how I work around a toddler, a work-from-home business, keeping a marriage strong and keeping my house in order.

Lastly, be okay with who you are. A good example I can share with you is my mindset on house chores. I know in my heart and soul that dishes in the sink will be the one thing that will take me away from my work. I decided to schedule it in, and because I only schedule things in 15 minute time blocks or more, I use the extra time to wipe the countertops or give the microwave and stovetop a quick wipe down. It’s amazing how clean you feel when the heart of your home is taken care of, and I can relax on my least favorite house chore and do something that moves my business forward or give myself that attention I need to fill back up. And hey – it only takes 15 minutes!

P.S. Don't forget to grab my FREE time management solutions guide and workbook to get started on intentional living!

P.P.S. I help moms breakthrough business startup struggles and I show them how integrate their business into life as a mom. My students learn time management systems and how to put them into place for ultimate productivity - let's chat and see if we're a match!

Was this helpful? I’d love to hear in the comments what resonated with you the most, or what you do to stay on top of your very full life!

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  • Ashley E on

    Love this!! I cant wait to initiate time blocking in my life. I am worried that it may cause me more anxiety (living my life in 15 min increments) but I am definitely open to trying anything that will bring some meaningful order to the chaos that I call life!!!

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