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If you’re anything like me, the words “essential oils” were never something that piqued my interest. I admit that I stayed away for a while because I was overwhelmed, even from afar. Don’t you need a degree, or at least a complete tie-dyed wardrobe, to understand what each oil is for?

About a year ago, I got sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. I got sick of looking at a cleaning product, laundry detergent, hand cream - and seeing tons of chemicals I keep hearing are no good for people, especially kids. After hearing so much about them, I took the leap into essential oils.

Let me say for the record that the original overwhelming feeling doesn't go away when your oils come in the mail. All of a sudden, Pinterest recipes and Facebook posts about oils were in abundance and I was nervous that I'd gotten in over my head.

Now that it’s been over a year into using EO in the home, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes and what we use them for around here. We are a regular ole family that still bleaches sometimes (I see you, poop explosion, and raise you a can of Scrubbing Bubbles) and we are very, very slowly learning where to use oils and what works best for our life.

Here were my ideal wants/needs that I thought essential oils could help with.

All the good vibes:  I wanted to be able to diffuse something that would purify the air, make it smell good and elevate our moods.

Laundry: I learned long ago that those dryer sheets are no bueno for anyone (but especially babies), so I got rid of mine and have just been drying my clothes in the machine with wool dryer balls. Did you know that if you add lavender or lemon to the balls, the whole load smells like them?!

Immunity Support: This is where I really wanted the oils to do their thing. Being sick with a baby is not fun, and could get scary too with some of these diseases circling around.

Wellness & Happiness: If you're anything like me, headaches almost always go hand in hand with some kind of stressor. We were so ready to have a more natural alternative to sleeping better, less headache, and more motivation for work!

I put together a free little guide to essential oils from our perspective, just for you! It includes our favorite diffuser, roller & spray recipes along with a complete list of tools we use and where to get them.

Whether you are just starting out, or you’re a seasoned EO user and just looking for new recipes, I am hoping this will be a helpful and easy guide for you to use!

Check it out and if you've used any of these recipes before, I'd love to hear about it in the comments! Where are you on our EO journey?


All essential oils used in our home come from Young Living. If you are not yet a member, you can grab your starter kit here and make sure the number 13477686 appears in the Enroller & Sponsor ID fields. With the member option, you do not have to sell oils – it just means you will get 24% off retail prices, forever. Once you enroll, I will reach out to support & guide you on your oil journey. I look forward to seeing you there and learning together! If you have any questions before you purchase, please send me an email or private message me on any social media platform, I am @thenelsonshop_ on all of them!

Before using any essential oils for medical care, please consult your doctor or pediatrician. For use on pregnant or nursing women, as well as babies, the book Gentle Babies has been really helpful for further consultation.

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