3 Ways I Learned How to Make Friends in a New City

When we moved to a new city, I had such conflicting feelings about it. I was so excited to start a fresh new chapter, but I was also nervous – how was I going to make friends in a new city where I knew virtually nobody?

It felt like college all over again, without the orientation and its amazing ability to connect you with other people in your exact same position. It felt worse than dating. How do you meet friends when you’re an adult?

Almost a decade later, I can look back and be grateful for the experience of having to start over, make mistakes, and start again. It gives me perspective now that I’m a mom of a little girl who might move to a new city one day not knowing anyone, and hoping I’ll be able to impart some of these tips to her.

I went out alone. It was hard to go places knowing I wouldn’t know anybody, but I knew the alternative – staying at home and never giving myself the chance to meet new people – was not how I wanted my new chapter to be written. For me, that looked like going to kickboxing class and having coffee out. It might not have brought me bunches of new friends, but being around other people and having friendly interactions was really helpful in the beginning.

I sourced my network. One of my very close friends from college grew up in my new state, and she didn’t hesitate to help connect me to people that she knew were still around that I might have a couple of things in common with. My husband worked a full time job with a lot of other men, but he was able to arrange for us to go out with some of his co-workers and their wives a few times, also. Just because you might not know anyone in your new city, doesn’t mean someone in your network doesn’t!

I started a business. Seriously, one of the reasons why I started my first business was because I knew it would get me out of the house and force me to talk to people! It was a product-based business, so I was able to join events with vendors sometimes, and it put me in a situation where I had to meet people – better yet, I had a relationship building mentality and a few of my closest friends now, are from those days as a jewelry slinger.

If you are moving to a new city, I hope you are feeling more excitement than nerves about your new adventure! It takes time and energy to make friends in a new city. To keep all the positive vibes, grab a soft, comfy tee from our Yes You Can boutique!

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